Sosialisasi Penggunaan Tas Belanja Guna Mengurangi Limbah Plastik di Gampong Peurada Banda Aceh

Syarifah Farissi Hamama, Maulida Maulida


Plastic is a necessity in daily life. Almost all equipment or products used are made of plastic and are often used as packaging for fresh produce. Plastics have advantages that can be easily adjusted according to the needs by developing technology. But in reality, plastic waste is a massive environmental problem because plastic takes a very long time to decompose. Therefore socialization to the public about the dangers of plastic waste, so people can change their behavior by reducing the use of plastic, is necessary. One way that people can do to reduce the plastic waste is to use an environmental friendly shopping bag. Hence, this socialization raised the theme of Using Shopping Bags to reduce Plastic Waste. The target of this community service was people who live in Gampong Peurada, Banda Aceh. The service was carried out for 2 days, on December 6-07 2019 and was attended by 18 participants. The evaluation showed that public awareness in reducing plastic waste is increased through this service

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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