Pelatihan Dan Penyuluhan Pembelajaran Metode Baca Tulis AlQur’an Pada Anak-Anak Dibale Beut Desa Gugop Pulo Aceh

Hasanah, Saifuddin, Irma Aryani, Rini Susiani , Rahmawati, Lisa Novita


Abstract: Al-Qur'an learning is important in today's era, learning the Koran whose method
adapts to environmental conditions and children using the reading and writing method as a way
of learning the Qur'an as well as supporting materials that support children who are capable of
material such as writing Arabic, memorizing prayers. daily and short letters. So far, children are
less able to write and pronounce well, but they are immediately taught without knowing the
hijaiyah letters first. The solution is the development of the Quran learning process with the
method of reading and writing and pronouncing the hijaiyah letters correctly to support reading
the Koran. The form of this activity is to introduce how to write hijaiyah letters then recite and
read them well. Based on the evaluation that this activity went very well according to plan, the
children, Koran teachers and parents were very enthusiastic in this activity, the children used this
method when they were with their parents at home, this activity had a positive impact on the
children. Another impact of PKMS creativity is for teachers of the Koran and their respective
parents. The results of the use and application of the method are also continuously applied by
Partners in learning the Qur'an.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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