Gambaran Nilai Densitas Radiografi dengan Klinis Ileus Obstruksi dan Perforasi pada Pemeriksaan Abdomen 3 (Tiga) Posisi di Instalasi Radiologi Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah (RSUD) dr. Zainoel Abidin Banda Aceh Tahun 2019

Risaharti Risaharti, Saurmawaty Siahaan, Rizki Mono Erdiva


One of the factors which influence the quality of the radiograph on abdominal examination is density and contrast. Density is the degree of blackness on the abdominal radiograph due to the difference in X-ray absorption of the film emulsion. Contrast is the difference in blackness in 2 (two) different areas on the abdominal radiograph. The purpose of this study was to determine the radiographic density of the abdominal examination in 3 (three) positions with clinical examination technique for ileus obstruction and perforation in the Radiological Installation of the Regional Public Hospital dr. Zainoel Abidin Banda Aceh. This study used a qualitative descriptive method. Data collection was done by using literature studies, 3 (three) positions abdominal radiographs, observation, and density value measured by a densitometer. The results showed that the density and contrast value were obtained very well which determine good quality of radiograph image. The density acquired is in accordance with the standard value, which is on scale of 0,25 - 2.

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