Implementasi Radiografi Vertebre Cervicalis dengan Klinis Corpus Alienum pada Cervical VI di Instalasi Radiologi Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Kabupaten Aceh Besar Tahun 2020

Dewi Febriyanti, Munnadya Qhudawi


This study aims to determine the implementation of cervical vertebral radiographic examination with clinical Corpus Alienum on the IV cervical using anterio posterior (AP) and lateral projections with the patient in an erect state and to determine the results of the radiographic images from cervical examination. This research uses descriptive method with a case study approach, data collection is done by means of observation, interviews and consultations. Implementation of cervical vertebral radiographic examination with Corpus Alienum clinical in the IV cervical radiology installation at the Aceh Besar District Hospital was carried out with AP and Lateral projection with the patient's erect position so that good radiographic image results can be obtained. The results of clinical cervical radiography examination of the Corpus Alienum in the IV cervical using AP projection showed cervical III - thoracal IV super position mandibular image with cervical I and III, the picture of the spinous process did not undergo rotation. In the lateral projection, the cervical I - VII madibula is seen free, the IV cervical is right in the middle of the cassette and the spinous process is clearly visible. So that by doing the AP and Lateral examination technique, the position of the Corpus Alienum will be clearly seen.

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