Pengaruh Kandungan Merkuri (Hg) Pada Air Di Sungai Krueng Sabee Terhadap Peningkatan Kadar Merkuri Pada Ikan, Langkitang/Chu (Melanoides Tuberculata) Dan Kerang (Anodonta Sp) Di Sungai Krueng Sabee Kabupaten Aceh Jaya

Lensoni Lensoni, Ambia Nurdin, Zahratul Idami Zaini


: Mercury (Hg) is one of the dangerous pollutants because it is toxic if it accumulates in the tissues of living things and is difficult to degrade in the environment. Mercury (Hg) can pollute the aquatic environment (rivers, seas) from industrial or factory waste that discharges industrial waste into water areas without processing or handling the waste first. Wastes containing Hg compounds in water will be broken down by microorganisms into organic Hg compounds such as methyl Hg. Methyl Hg in the water enters the body of phytoplankton and is eaten by herbivorous fish, and in the food chain system to humans as the highest consumer in the food pyramid. This process, if it takes place intensively, will bioaccumulate in the fish's body so that health can be disturbed. This study aims to determine the effect of mercury (Hg) content in water in the Krueng Sabee river on the increase in mercury levels in fish, Langkitang / Chu (Melanoides tuberculata) and shellfish (Anodonta Sp) in the Krueng Sabee River, Aceh Jaya district. This research method is an experimental method which is part of the quantitative method, in the form of a survey using a cross sectional survey design and laboratory tests. Determination of fish samples using purposive sampling method, namely the sampling technique of data sources with certain considerations, where the fish taken as samples are fish that are often consumed by the people around the Krueng Sabee river. Based on the results of the study, there was a mercury content in snakehead fish of 0.0054 mg/kg, 0.0123 mg / kg in langkitang and 0.0522 mg/kg in shellfish. So it can be said that the heavy metal mercury (Hg) content in the snakehead fish sample, Langkitang/Chu (Melanoides Tuberculata) and shellfish (Anaodonta sp) in the Krueng Sabee River, Aceh Jaya Regency, does not exceed the maximum threshold for Hg heavy metal contamination in food. It is hoped that the Government's cooperation in dealing with the problem of Mercury in rivers is to increase the safety of consumption of water ecosystems in order to ensure health for the community itself.

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