Perbedaan Kualitas Hidup Terkait Kesehatan Lansia yang Tinggal Bersama Keluarga dengan Lansia yang Tinggal di Panti Tresna Werdha Belai Kasih Kabupaten Bireuen

Mauliana Mauliana, Maidar Maidar, Hermansyah Hermansyah


The aging population continues to increase into increasingly serious social and health problems. In terms of the health aspects of the elderly, they are very vulnerable to health problems that can affect the quality of life related to the health of the elderly and have an impact on the status of public health status. Most studies have the health status of the elderly only physical dimension. HRQoL between the elderly who live with families and the elderly who live in homes. This research is a type of comparative research (comparative study) using cross-sectional design. The population in this study were 30 elderly people living in Tresna Werdha Belai Kasih Orphanage and 30 people living with families in the Bireuen Community Health Center. The research sample of 60 people. Sampling in elderly groups living with families using quota sampling techniques. Independent sample t-test (alpha 0.05) was used for data analysis. T-test results show that there are differences in the quality of life related to health in the elderly who live with families and elderly who live in homes (P. Value 0.0000). The difference includes eight aspects including physical function (P. Value 0.0005), physical limitations (P. Value 0.0000), body pain (P. Value 0.0000), general health (P. Value 0.0000), vitality (P. Value 0.0008), social functions (P. Value 0.0000), emotional limitations (P. Value 0.0003), and mental health (P. Value 0.0000) in the elderly living together families with elderly who live in homes. To the management of the orphanage in order to hold routine health checks to support the optimal physical well-being of the elderly, and as a substitute for the family, it should improve the provision of family support, such as giving affection to the elderly, giving praise, helping with daily activities. It is hoped that the Puskesmas will work together with health workers and Posbindu cadres to optimize the services of the existing Posbindu elderly by involving the elderly families in an effort to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly

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