Hubungan Ibu Hamil Risiko Tinggi Dengan Kelengkapan Kunjungan Antenatal Care (ANC)

Yuni Riska Fitrina, Hajjul Kamil, Agustina Agustina


The direct cause of maternal death is often associated with some factors such as maternity complication, the process of childbirth, childbed, bleeding, pre-eclampsia, infection, congestion and also abortion. It is claimed that one of the ways to reduce the number of the maternal mortality and the infant mortality rate is by improving the quality of childbirth services by the skillful and trained medics in the particular health services. Therefore, the mothers' participation and awareness to have regular check-up are also needed in order to reduce the maternal mortality rate. This study aims to find out the relationship of pregnancy high risks with the number of antenatal care visits in Sukajaya, Sabang. This research is quantitative research by incorporating a cross-sectional design. The population was all the third-trimester high-risk pregnant women in Sukajaya, Sabang. The subjects were 41 pregnant women which were chosen by using total sampling technique. The data were gathered through a questionnaire which then were analyzed by using the logistic regression test. The result indicated that there was a  relationship of age p-value = 0,042, parity p-value = 0,016, education p-value = 0,016, occupation p-value = 0,042, knowledge p-value = 0,001, medics role p-value = 0,038, family support p-value = 0,003, facility access p-value = 0,048 and media p-value = 0,002 with the antenatal care visits. From those variables, it was indicated that the family support was the dominant variable with the P-Value : 0,011;OR  21,8. It means that pregnant women who have family support will be likely to have a complete antenatal care visits during their pregnancy period. From this study, it can be concluded that there is a relationship of pregnancy high risks with the number of antenatal care visits in Sukajaya, Sabang. It is suggested that the pregnant women should follow the medics advice on the community healthy life program (germas) program which is benefited during the pregnancy. Therefore, it is also very important for the public health center to always promote the germas program in order to reduce the number of maternity and infant mortality rate as well as to improve the community health status.

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