Determinan Vaccine Hesitancy pada Ibu Yang Memiliki Bayi di Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Nur Pida


With this research researchers will examine the vaccine doubts on the community in Aceh Besar District and its influence on the completeness of the DPT immunization. The design of this research is Cross Sectional Study.  The population in this study is a parent who has a child aged 6-12 months. Sample research of 120 people. Sampling is done in two health centers, the Puskesmas with the highest immunization coverage is the Darul Imarah Puskesmas as many as 60 people and Puskesmas with the lowest immunization coverage is Darul Kamal as many as 60 people. Data analysis with 12 Stata programs. Conclusion of this study there is a relationship of vaccine hesitancy with the behavior of immunization administration (OR = 19; 95% CI: 7.5-48.6; p = 0,0001). Access to insufficient information media (P value = 0.002) is the most related factor in the doubt against vaccines with a value of Odds Ratio 4 times (95%; CI 95%; 1.68-9.50) so the tendency to doubt the vaccine on the media variable information is not enough almost 4 times more dominant than other variables.

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