Dampak Gadget kepada Siswa Sekolah Min 25 Aceh Besar Kecamatan Kuta Baro, Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Nurul Sakdah Fauziah


Several years ago gadgets were only widely used by business people from the upper middle class. The reason they use gadgets is to facilitate their business. But nowadays, gadgets are not only used by business people, many teenagers and even children use gadgets a lot. A TEAM of community service lecturers and students carry out activities in the form of outreach related to the impact of using Gadgets on students at MIN 25 Aceh Besar school. The socialization activity was carried out on March 11 2019 at MIN 25 Kuta Baro, Aceh Besar. The benefits of this socialization aim to add insight to the students involved and be able to find out what are the impacts of using gadgets. The teaching staff of Abulyatama University in Aceh can carry out one of the tri dharma of higher education, namely Community Service. In general, this community service activity aims to make efforts to prevent excessive use of gadgets by students

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