Kinerja Usahatani Sayuran Organik Di Kecamatan Darussalam Kota Banda Aceh

Syarifuddin Syarifuddin


This study aims to determine the performance of organic vegetable farming in the Darussalam District of Banda Aceh City. The research method is survey method, using purposive sampling. Data collection was conducted in September 2020. The method of performance analysis includes economic and technical aspects. Economic aspects, among others; income analysis and R / C analysis. Technical aspects include productivity, capacity, quality, and speed of delivery. The results showed that the performance of organic vegetable farming in Darussalam District had a good performance based on aspects of productivity, capacity, quality, and delivery speed. The economic aspect is profitable with R / C 1.65. (R / C> 1), so that organic vegetable farming can be developed in Darussalam District.

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