Strategi Pengembangan Agribisnis Kakao menjadi Agroindustri Olahan Komoditi Kakao di Pantai Timur Provinsi Aceh

Teuku Fadhla


Topographically, Aceh Province has great potential in developing cocoa (Theobrema cacao L). Currently, the total cocoa farm in Aceh is almost more than 100,000 Ha. The east coast of Aceh is a priority area, marked by the scattered land that already exists. Based on 2019 BPS data, cocoa planting covering an area of 55,177 ha which results in production of 22,758 tons of dry beans per year which are dominated by smallholder plantations. The cocoa agribusiness development strategy is needed in an effort towards a processed agro-industry to increase the added value of cocoa by building a cocoa processing unit, for the construction of the processing unit it is necessary to analyze the industrial location and investment. Technically, the development of the cocoa bean processing industry in the east coast of Aceh has the potential to be developed in the Bandar Baru Pidie Jaya District, and in the Rantau Peureulak District, East Aceh Regency. The fixed investment value for the development of a flour and fat processing factory located on the east coast of Aceh with a capacity of 20 tons per day is IDR 51,476,575,000 and an operational cost of IDR 134,358,106,250 per year. The products produced are in the form of cocoa powder as much as 1,440 tons and cocoa butter 1,760 tons per year with an estimated income of IDR 146.88 billion per year, net profit (net profit) is IDR 12,521,893,750 per year. Until the economic age of the plant is 20 years, the NPV is Rp. 29,698,765,000; IRR 23.63; Net B / C 1.58 with a payback period of 6 years 7 months. The results of the break even calculation are far below the factory capacity and the costs are also far below the estimated selling price of flour and cocoa butter. The cocoa processing agro-industry in Aceh East Coast is feasible to develop.

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