Analisis Ekonomi Kambing Peranakan Etawa Dan Kambing Kacang Di Desa Ateuk Munjeng Kecamatan Baiturrahman Kota Banda Aceh

Firdaus Firdaus, Ainal Mardhiah, Dedhi Yustendi


Abstrack: Animal husbandry is an agricultural sub-sector that has a great opportunity to be developed as a sub-agriculture in the future. Goat livestock have a very important role for breeders or the community, namely as a producer of meat (animal protein), customary needs, savings and family income sources. Bean goat is a local Indonesian goat, has a high adaptability to local natural conditions and has a very high reproductive power. The etawa crossbred goats had a bigger body and then entered Indonesia. The etawa crossbred goats is excellent among consumers because the etawa crossbred goats has a relatively greater weight than the bean goat, although the price is higher than the bean goat, but the etawa crossbred goats remains a favorite and a satisfaction for consumers, this causes a low level of the average percentage on bean goat which is cultivated by farmers in Ateuk Munjeng Village, Baiturrahman District, Banda Aceh City. The study aims to determine and analyze whether there are differences in the benefits of bean goat breeders and The etawa crossbred goats and to analyze the value of business BEP and price BEP in bean goats and the etawa crossbred goats cultivated in the Ateuk Munjeng Village, Baiturrahman District, Banda Aceh City. This research uses the "Census" or "Completely Anumaration" method. Data collection techniques is by interview. Based on the results of this study showed that the average profit gained by the goat Farmer was Rp. 1,546,632.05 / livestock / 3 months, the etawa crossbred goats profit is Rp.2,666,742.76 / livestock / 3 months. The results of the BEP bean goat and the etawa crossbred goats are equally beneficial for farmers, both in terms of production BEP and price BEP.

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