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This research aims to determine good practices in the competitiveness of MTsN 2 Pidie Jaya and good practices in character building of MTsN 2 Pidie Jaya students through the KERTAS program. The problem in qualitative research relies on a focus point, determining the focus can limit the research study and determining the focus functions to fulfill inclusion-exclusion criteria or new information obtained in the field. Data analysis is carried out by organizing data, describing it into units, synthesizing it, arranging it into patterns, choosing what is important and what will be studied and making conclusions that can be shared with other people. Data sources can come from information sources such as books, journals, and other digital information sources. The research results show that improving the quality of madrasas requires the ability of madrasah residents to build and develop competitiveness in accordance with their abilities, potential, talents and interests. Madrasah competitiveness can be achieved by developing various madrasah activities while still paying attention to developments in the world of education and globalization. Madrasah competitiveness is influenced by several factors, madrasa head, learning innovation, facilities and infrastructure, community interest, quality of teaching staff, ability to collaborate and madrasah achievements. The KERTAS program has been able to contribute to strengthening student character and has become a vehicle for internalizing the values of developing talents and character values, so that it has been able to give birth to various activities that have competitiveness among internal madrasah residents and provide progress to the madrasah


Competitiveness, Character and Kertas

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Permendiknas nomor 41 tahun 2007 tentang standar proses dinyatakan daya saing.

Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Nomor 62 Tahun 2014 tentang Kegiatan Ekstrakurikuler Pada Satuan Pendidikan Dasar dan Pendidikan Menengah.



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