Analisis Kelayakan Usaha Peternakan Itik Pedaging Dengan Pemberian Pakan Lokal Fermentasi Probiotik

Nelly Farida, Mulyadi Mulyadi, Daniel Daniel


Poultry business is more advanced than other livestock businesses, as reflected by its broad contribution in expanding employment, increasing income and the need of animal protein. The aim of this study was to analyze the appropriateness of broiler duck farming by providing probiotic fermented local feed. The research material used 80 peking ducks divided into 4 (four) treatments, consisted of 4 replications and each replication consisted of 5 peking ducks. The treatments were PO = ration without fermentation (control), PI = ration of fermented probiotic 10 ml / liter of water, P2 = ration of fermented probiotic 12.5 ml / liter of water, and P3 = ration of fermented probiotic 15 ml / liter of water . The result shows that the cost of fermented feed ranged from Rp. 4265,50, - 4314.25, - / kg. The highest cost of feed is P3 (15% probiotic) which is Rp. 4314.25, - / kg and the lowest is P1 (10% probiotic), which is Rp. 4298.00 / kg. The Income Over Feed Cost which is obtained from P3 (15 ml / liter of water) is higher than the control treatment (P0). The highest profit of P3 is Rp. 26,273, - / head. The business appropriateness shows the value greater than 0 and 1, so the Peking duck business is profitable and appropriate to run. So the conclusion is weather Peking duck business by initially providing probiotic fermented local feed 15 ml / liter of water is appropriate.

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