Pengaruh Kepadatan Kandang Yang Berbeda Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ternak Puyuh

Leniar Leniar, Zahrul Fuadi, Fawwarahly Fawwarahly


Quail cage density can affect quail growth and production.Too narrow enclosure can inhibit quail movements resulting in low feed consumption.Conversely, if the enclosure is too broad then the consumption of rations increases to meet the need for quail energy. Therefore, the density of cage research is needed on growth and quail production.The study used 360 quail divided into 4 cage density treatments and 4 repeats. Cage density treatment consists of K1, K2, K3 and K4 with consecutive quail numbers of 15, 20, 25, and 30 quail/cage. The study used a complete randomized draft (RAL). The research Data in the analysis uses Anova and Duncan test. The results showed the consumption of quails is effect on all treatment. The highest consumption of rations in the K1 treatment is 661.93 g/quail, and the least low ration consumption in the K4 treatment is 351.83 g/quail. Quail growth response to cage density indicates the difference between K3 and K4 treatments. The ideal cage density to produce optimal growth is 15-20 quail/cage.

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