Analisis Finansial Usaha Budidaya Ayam Pedaging (Broiler) Yang Disuplementasi Sinbiotik Dalam Ransum

Sabariah Sabariah, Zahrul Fuadi, Fawwarahly Fawwarahly


Financial analysis is required to know the efficiency of the cultivation of broiler that is supplementation of probiotic, prebiotic and sinbiotics in rations. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the response of probiotics and prebiotic use to broiler rations to the magnitude of capital value, production costs, as well as business feasibility through the calculation of B/C and R/CC ratios. The research material uses Lohmann's broiler strains as much as 192 beoiler. The treatment used are: RI = commercial Ration (control), R2 = prebiotic 0.5%, R3 = Probiotic 0.5%, and R4 = prebiotic 0.5% + Probiotics 0.5% (sinbiotic). The observation parameters include: production aspect and business feasibility.  The results of the study showed the administration of probiotics and prebiotics is influential rations (P < 0.05) against the final weight of the broiler chickens aged 30 days, the final weight of treatment (R3) was higher than the other treatment. Administration of Probiotics (R3) in rations can increase gains higher than other ration treatments is Rp. 3.537/broiler. Similarly, higher value of IOFC is obtained on the treatment of R3. Administration of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotic in viable and beneficial rations is done in the maintenance of broiler. It can be concluded that administering probiotics in rations is able to increase the final weight and increase the value of profits gained, it is financially feasible to do. Marked R/C ratio > 1.

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