Analisa Keamanan Web Server dari Serangan Remote Os Command Injection pada Instansi Pemerintahan Kota Banda Aceh

Lisa Handasari Yanti, Iqbal Iqbal, Banta Cut


The development of information technology in the world is rapidly increasing, causing changes in human behavior in finding information. Website is a way to present themselves and information media on the internet. The website of the Banda Aceh City government agency is a website that can be accessed by everyone. So that web server security must really be considered. This research was conducted to test the security of Banda Aceh City Government Agency web server using Remote OS Command Injection technique. Remote OS Command Injection is a form of attack where the attacker's goal is to execute arbitrary commands on the web server through a vulnerable website. This study applies a purposive sampling method using Owasp Zap version 2.7.0. Based on the analysis carried out the intensity of the attacks on each Banda Aceh City Government Agency differed, the Banda Aceh Social Service was 0.92%, the Aceh Transportation Agency 0.15%, the Aceh Youth and Sports Service 0.71%, the Aceh Food Service 0.11% and the Aceh Library and Archives Service 0.24%.


Remote OS Command Injection 1, Web Server 2, Web Security 3, Data Base 4.

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