Strategi Yang Digunakan Guru PPKn dalam Memilih dan Menggunakan Model Pembelajaran Pada SMA

Dwi Novita Sari, Akhyar Akhyar, Asma AR


This study aimed to find out how to choose and use the PPKn teacher learning model based on the subject matter, to determine the ability of the PPKn teacher to choose and use learning models based on tools and media, the way to find out the selection and usage of learning models based on cooperative learning. This research used a descriptive method. The source of the data came from observations and interviews. Based on the data analysis, the conclusion is that in the learning process the PPKn teacher has used a learning model that is adapted to the subject matter, and adjusted to the availability of learning tools and media available at school. The learning model that is often used is the cooperative learning model with lecture, question and answer and discussion methods. This discussion method is often used because it is considered the easiest method to be implemented and the most effective where all students are active in expressing opinions

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