Pergeseran Nilai-Nilai Budaya Lokal Pada Masyarakat

Hardiansyah Hardiansyah, Tamarli Tamarli, Hasanah Hasanah


This study is entitled "Shifting Local Cultural Values in Society". Indonesia is a country that has a very thick cultural norms (eastern culture), but with the development of the modern era, there are not a few Indonesians who shift norms and cultures. The existence of this research is expected to be able to provide knowledge to the Nasreuhe community about the shift in values that occurred in the era of globalization so that the public can know the shifts in values that are positive and negative. Social change is a permanent symptom that is always present and occurs in every community both in developed and backward communities, both in urban and rural communities. It's just that there are social changes that take place intentionally (the results of social design and policy) and some also occur naturally. This research used was a descriptive method, the approach in this study followed the steps of qualitative research work where researchers try to find information and data in the form of descriptive form from all informants conducted in interviews who can provide information. The results of the research obtained from the field were that the people in Nasreuhe village have experienced social changes in various aspects of life, but these changes lead to a better direction and still maintain cultural values

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