Peranan Perangkat Desa Dalam Mempertahankan Nilai-Nilai Budaya Daerah Melalui Adat Istiadat Perkawinan

Heldi Sofyanda, Tamarli Tamarli, Usman Usman


Local culture that has been inherent in society has been hereditary for a long time in people's lives so that it becomes a belief that cannot be left alone. Likewise with the customs and traditions that exist in the village of Lamceu, Kuta Baro District, Aceh Besar Regency, is an arrangement of life in an existing community, growing and developing between generations. Means that customs in general are the methods of decency which the truth has received recognition and approval in general by certain communities. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of village officials in maintaining local cultural values through marriage customs in Lamceu village, Kuta Baro District, Aceh Besar District. The population of this research was the village and community of Lamceu village. In this study the method used was the interview method with 21 respondents who were in Lamceu village, Kuta Baro District. And it was obtained from the results of the study that some respondents said that they had experienced a slight shift in regional cultural values in terms of traditional marital traditions, meaning that the regional cultural values that existed from the past were now unused again because the reasons were outdated and not even in their time using customary which is considered too complicated in its implementation and the majority of respondents also consider the biggest influence is the educational, economic and environmental factors as well as inter-ethnic marriages that cause a shift in marital customs.

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