Konflik Sosial Masyarakat Transmigrasi Dengan Masyarakat Lokal Dalam Kehidupan Bermasyarakat

Isma Maulana, Akhyar Akhyar, Usman Usman


The purpose of this study was to determine the causes, parties, forms, impacts and solutions of social conflicts that occur in transmigration communities and local communities in Serbajadi Village, Darul Makmur District. The results of this study indicated that the causes of social conflict between communities that occur in the village of Serbajadi were caused by the stretching of social social relations, the causal factors were religious, economic, socio-cultural factors. The parties involved in the conflict were the local community and the transmigration community. The impact of the conflict in the village of Serbajadi was an impact on religion such as in determining the direction of the Qibla, in the economic income of the transmigration community which caused social jealousy of the local community, in the socio-culture brought by the transmigration community. The solution to overcome conflict was by holding meetings in the same space between the transmigration community and the local community which aims to solve the problems that arise by not mixing group interests in community life by realizing each other's mistakes, increasing solidarity between transmigration communities and local communities, eliminating bad suspicion towards community groups and being able to be neutral does not favor one community group itself but between other groups of people of different ethnic groups, was not easily influenced, and involved third parties.

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