Hubungan Kebiasaan Merokok Dengan Perilaku Terhadap Pelajar di Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Meulaboh -1 Kabupaten Aceh Barat

Putri Rahmah Safira, Suriatu Laila, Mursyida Mursyida


Smoking is activity of sucking tobacco from cigarettes combustion which is  done by individuals who smoke. Someone who is stated to be a smoker at least smoking 1 cigarette per day in 1 the last month. The aim of this study was to find out the significance of smoking habits and behaviour (social skills or personality) of students at Man Meulaboh-1. The population in this study were 120 students and the sample in this study were 80 smoker students. In this study, the researcher employed the total population sampling technique for selection the sample. The data collection in this study used a likert scale by researcher. The analysis technique used in this study was the Pearson Chi-Square test and The process of analysis data used SPSS software. The results showed that there was no significant relationship between smoking habits and behaviors(personality or social skills)of students’ Man Meulaboh-1. In the personality, value of P-Value (0.927)> α (0.05), it can be concluded that there is no relationship between personality and smoking habits. On the ability to socialize, the value of P-Value (0.725)> α (0.05), it can be concluded that there is no relationship between social skills and smoking habits.

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