Hubungan Status Gizi Dengan Tingkat Prestasi Belajar Siswa SD Abulyatama

Mardiah Kombih, Julinar Julinar, Suriatu Laila


Nutritional status is the result of food and use of nutrients used, distinguished between malnutrition, malnutrition, good nutrition, being overweight, and obesity. Academic prestaasi is a term to determine a level of success, because learning efforts have been carried out optimally. This type of research is observational analytic with cross-sectional research design. The sampling technique in this study was carried out with total sampling that met the criteria of inclusion and exclusion, with a total sample of 31 students namely 15 fourth grade students and 16 fifth grade students at Abulyatama Elementary School. Collection of nutritional status, taken from data, measurement of height and body weight, which is then processed by using the CDC 2000 to understand the nutritional status of students. The learning outcomes were obtained by observing the grades of semester 1 and 2. The statistical test used was Kruskal Wallis with a significance rate of 0.05%. The results of the research were published at SD Abulyatama. From the calculation results obtained a value with a value of P value (0.046) < α (0.05).

Keywords : weight, length, rapor


weight, length, rapor

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