Puji Astuti, Afrinal Afrinal


Industry has a dual effect on the surrounding area such as improving the economy, environmental quality, public participation and diversification efforts in promoting local economic development. The industrial sector is a sector in Tualang Subdistrict superior form of oil palm processing industry, paper processing industry and wood processing industry, nationwide. The third location processing industry is a growth area in Tualang (Trilogy of Power) as the  ominant factor in promoting equitable development and creating nodal for
other areas of slow or underdeveloped. The presence of industry also serves as a leading sector to develop the other sectors. This study uses SWOT analysis, analysis of SAP (Strategic Advantage Profile) for internal conditions, analysis ETOP (Environment Threat Opportunity Profile) for external conditions. Aspects to be focused is the influence of the industrial area to the surrounding region, the role and functions of an industrial are ain the Tualang against Siak District. Based on the analysis found that the internal conditions of the region are at the development effort can be sustained, externally development of the area is in a ripe/mature, and the SWOT matrix shows that the development of industry-driven economic strategic area is prospective to be developed in the future.

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