Irwan Safwadi, Isthafan Najmi


This study aimed to describe Indonesia's competitiveness is seen from pillar Goods Market Efficiency and Market Size, based on Global Competitiveness Index. The data used is secondary data, sourced from World Economic Forum, ASEAN Secretariat, and the Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze Indonesia's competitiveness in the AEC. We found that Indonesia's competitiveness ranking is based on Global Competitiveness Index was brought from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. For goods market efficiency pillar, Indonesia's competitiveness ranking is still lower than Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. On the other hand, Indonesia's competitiveness compared with other top AEC country, for the market size pillar. In addition, the declining trend of exports of Indonesia in the AEC. The Country Philippines and Vietnam became Indonesian competitors ahead in the share of exports in the AEC.

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