Suryani Suryani


This study is aimed at finding out the effectiveness of picture in improving students’ speaking ability and exploring the students’ response toward the use of picture in teaching and learning speaking. The subject of this study was students of XI-IPA¹ and XI-IPA2 at SMAN 1 Unggul Baitussalam which consisted of 19 students and 24 students. This research was conducted in the form of an Experimental Study. The techniques in collecting data were tests,
and questionnaire. The findings revealed that using picture was effective in enhancing students’ speaking ability. It can be seen from the result of t-score of pre-test experimental group and control group was 0.024 and t-score of post-test experimental group and control group was 4.37. Furthermore, the list of questionnaire given to the students indicated that the students’ responses, motivation and interest in learning speaking by using picture was
positive. Thus, based on the findings, picture can help the second grade students of SMAN 1 Unggul Baitussalam in enhancing their speaking ability.

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