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To deal with the ASEAN Economic Community Era, all the infrastructure in
ASEAN countries is revamped, including their ports. As the entrance and exit of goods and people, ports need to be connected to the hinterland. Other types of transportation such as roads and railways are also an important part in connecting ports with the production area. All the infrastructure has to be connected properly. There are lots of things which need to be
fixed in Aceh Portsboth improvements in the internal aspect of the portsthemselves and the improved production of the hinterland area. Aceh Seaportis developed in accordance with the potential of it’s hinterland area. Krueng Geukuh and Sabang Ports as portswith the export-import function are expected to be a driving force which encourages growth in other
ports. CPO Port will need to accelerate its development both in the South-Southeast Zone and the North-East Zone. Among the implementation strategies to applyarepreparing an integrated plan forAceh Seaport, increasing the competitiveness of Aceh Ports by ensuring
the smooth running, safety and timeliness of services providedby the Ports,separating theserviceterminals in terms of containers, the liquid bulk terminal/ CPO, the passenger terminal, accelerating theland transportation network development (highways, the eastern
highway, the western highway and the central highway) and the railway network that has been proclaimed. Moreover, a Special Terminal needs to be built and intended for the smooth operation of exports and imports in order to support the development of Special Economic Zones, mining and oil and gas industries (coal, nickel, copper, LNG, oil and so on). To revamp Aceh Seaport in order to play an active role in the ASEAN Economic Community Era, the Governmentof Aceh, Regency/ City Governments, the Port Authorities and the Port
Operator, business people and all stakeholders need to take part in the process of revamping Aceh Seaport. If we all unite and work hard to realize port and harbour system transformation,it is not impossible for us to also play an important role in the distribution of goods in ASEAN. 

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