Muhammad Daud


The purpose of this paper to analyze and assess the ideology and politics of Indonesia, in particular position of the Pancasila ideology and efforts of the Pancasila ideology to defend it. And also to study the theories that is used in writing relating to ideology and Indonesian politics. The ideology can be formulated as a complex (containing some of elements), the knowledge, and the value of the whole ideology are a foundation for a person or society. The
ideology is a result of human thoughts, the efforts of their ability to make connection to their position. So, the meaning of Pancasila ideology is clear, it is as a whole view of life, ideals, beliefs, and the values of Indonesia. The Political development is directed to further stabilize the embodiment of Pancasila democracy, in a program to establish a stability dynamic political and the implementation mechanism of Pancasila democracy. The Pancasila has an
important role from the beginning of the implementation of the Republic of Indonesia; while its function is to unite the entire of Indonesian became the nation which has self- identity and self- confidence.

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Rifai, A. (2006). CIVICS. Jakarta: Gramedia


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