Putri Dini Meutia, Ferlya Elyza, Juharsyah Juharsyah


The objective of this research was to find out whether the STAD technique, one of the cooperative teaching methods, could be used to improve the students’ ability in reading comprehension. The sample of this research was the second semester students of English Department. The number of students used as sample were 10, consisting of 3 males and 7 females. The method used for this research is a classroom action research, with qualitative
approach, and it was conducted in two cycles. The procedure of the research consisted of four main steps: planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. The instruments used in collecting data were test, students’ observation sheet and teachers’ observation sheet and questionnaire for the students. The result of the research proved that implementing Student Team Achievement Division technique was effective to improve the students’ ability in reading comprehension. It can be seen from the result of teacher’ observation sheet and
students’ observation sheet. The percentage of teacher’s observation obtained was 100 % and for students’ observation obtained was 95 %, it meant that the observation of teacher and students reached the target indicator. Based on the data gained from the test in the first cycle, the percentage grade that students obtained was 52 %, It meant that the students did not reach the target indicators. Then, in the second cycle, the percentage grade that students
obtained was 94 % and it meant that students reached score higher than minimum target indicators. It can be concluded that using STAD technique at second semester students of English Department can improve the students’ reading comprehension, as well as the activity of students and teacher during the teaching and learning process.

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