Uji Pembakaran Biomassa Padat Pada Tungku Rocket Tipe Silinder Dengan Asupan Excess Air

Muhammad Faisal, Mohd. Isa. T. Ibrahim


The increase in population and standard of living of the community results in an increase in the amount of energy needed. Biomass energy can be used repeatedly and is unlimited based on the basic cycle of carbon through the process of photosynthesis. There are various conversion technologies that can be used to change the quality of biomass according to their use, one of them is through rocket furnaces. The purpose of this study was to look at the characteristics of each biomass that affects the performance and ability of rocket stoves. Temperature measurements are carried out in the combustion chamber, flames and rocket furnace walls. From the testing process of combustion of solid biomass in the form of acid wood, mahony wood and laban wood each of 4 kg obtained temperatures and different lengths of burning time. For acid wood the maximum temperature in the combustion chamber is in the range of ≥ 900 oC in the 40th minute and the length of the burning time is ± 50 minutes, the maximum temperature in the mahony wood is in the range of ≥ 850 oC in the 16th minute with a burning time of ± 20 minutes while for wood Laban the maximum temperature in the combustion chamber in the range of ≥ 850 oC in the 16th minute with a length of time of burning ± 32 minutes. From the test results obtained that the difference in temperature and length of time of combustion is strongly influenced by fuel characteristics and percentace of water content. For more stable combustion obtained from acid wood type biomass.

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