Green Management Pada Perusahaan: Literatur Review

Junita Junita


Green Management is an effort to preserve the environment. Natural resources are depleting, environmental protection is not only limited to its corporate social responsibility. However, it must be a model in business organizations. Green management that is environmentally oriented, systematically affects the company in reducing waste, reducing the use of natural resources, reducing pollution and continuously monitoring to create positive business results for all stakeholders. The modern business journey continues to come under pressure from the environment and the realization of the company's sustainability strategy. Company managers began to review the possibility of implementing the GMS in the organization's management system; directs organizational management, develops technologies to reduce adverse environmental impacts and develops more rational and cost-effective green production. The development and application of green policies in environmental management is an important part of the transformation of the business management function in optimizing the use of the GMS to improve company performance and benefits for environmental sustainability. Direct implications for the development and application of environmental protection in modern business organizations in accordance with green standards and principles of environmental sustainability. In addition, companies related to the creation of organizations, programs and structures, education and training of human resources can enable the transfer and dissemination of knowledge for environmental protection.

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