Kebutuhan Infrastruktur Pendukung Pengembangan Wilayah Pulo Aceh Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Idal Bahri, Yunida Pangastuti, Mohd. Isa T. Ibrahim, Mahyuddin Mahyuddin


The availability of good infrastructure can encourage investment activities which in turn can increase the economic growth of a region. Positive economic growth will lead to a significant acceleration of development activities in the region. In other words, a condition will be created in which the area will develop. On the other hand, the high demand for infrastructure is not followed by sufficient capacity to provide funding sources for infrastructure development. After regional autonomy, infrastructure development is not only the responsibility of the central government, but also the responsibility of regional governments. However, regional funding for infrastructure development is very limited, so that until now basic infrastructure funding in the regions still relies on funding sources from the APBN which are transferred to the APBD. Whereas infrastructure is one of the main stimulus for economic growth.Therefore, it is important to examine the availability of infrastructure in Pulo Aceh, especially in encouraging community economic activities as well as domestic and foreign investment, international investments that can spur regional economic growth in Pulo Aceh. The analytical method used is qualitative analysis. The variables analyzed include road infrastructure, electricity, telecommunications and clean water.

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