Students’ Perception Towards Islamic Boarding Activies in Improving Their English Performance

Siti Sarah, Ema Dauyah, Suryani Suryani


Islamic boarding school activities refer to the English activity which is done outside of the classroom provided by the school. These activities are supposed to assist the students to improve their English performance and yet the effectiveness of those activities is still unknown. This research was conducted to find out the students’ perception toward Islamic boarding school activity in improving students’ English performance. The research was conducted in Babul Maghfirah Islamic Boarding School in Aceh Besar. By using qualitative approach, the questionnaire was used as research instrument to collect the data from 28 participants. The result was analyzed by using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23 for windows. Then, the data were interpreted to expand the explanation of the data. The descriptive analysis was done to elaborate the result. The result showed that the students perceived the Islamic boarding school activities assisted them in improving their English performance, increasing their confident in speaking English and giving many opportunities to try many new things.

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