Konsep Merdeka Belajar dalam Perspektif Islam

Hasanah Hasanah, Suryani Suryani, Syarifah Rahmiza Muzana, Asih Winarty, Silvi Puspa Widya Lubis, Ainal Mardhiah, Saiful Ramadhan


Education is very important for human life. With education, a person who is Islamic and superior in life will be formed. Currently, the community is boisterous with the independent learning-campus teaching program that has been established by the Ministry of Education and Culture, by sparking the concept of independent learning, the independent concept is one form of effort to change times with the aim that students are given freedom, comfort in education with a learning atmosphere that is conducive to learning. usually in the room, then now outside the room, so that students can get to know the universe that Allah SWT and relate to their knowledge. So from the background of these researchers will see how independent learning in the view of Islam. This research was conducted with an approach approach, with a reference search method (literature study), this study wanted to provide information about the application of independent learning in an Islamic perspective. The results of the study show that in the Qur'an there are many verses that explain the application of free learning, as the Prophet Muhammad had exemplified his companions in his life, there are three methods of applying free learning in Islam, namely, imitation, experience and thinking. This third method has been around since ancient times and this makes it easier for students in the learning process, by providing freedom with independent concepts by creating a varied and fun learning atmosphere.

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