The Effectiveness of Scanning Technique to Strengthen Students' Performance in Reading Comprehension

Farizawati Farizawati, Rini Susiani, Yudistira Saputra, Agusnawati Agusnawati


Abstract: The objective of this study was to find out the effectiveness of the scanning technique to strengthen EFL students’ performance in understanding reading comprehension of second-grade students of MAN 3 Pidie. 37 students in the second-grade took part in this study. A case study was used as the research method. The data were collected by using 20 items of the questionnaire that is divided into two parts namely reading comprehension and scanning technique. The findings of this study showed that the students expressed vastly positive  responses about scanning technique. The students’ good responses can be seen in the following questionnaire result. First, the statement ‘I am interested in learning reading comprehension by using scanning technique’ generated 87% of option yes and 13% of option no. Secondly, the sentence ‘Scanning technique is the best way to improve reading comprehension’ elicited 30 students (81%) who agreed. Another statement was ‘There are some advantages using scanning technique in improving reading comprehension that revealed 34 students (92%) said yes and only a student (3%) chose no. It can be concluded that scanning technique effectively improve students’ performance in reading comprehension.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Scanning Technique, Reading comprehension, EFL Students, Performance, Foreign language teaching and learning.

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