Studi Kandungan C Organik, N, P, K Dan C/N Ratio yang Bersumber dari Beberapa Daun Tanaman Sebagai Bahan Formulasi Kompos

Dedek Maulida, Syamsul Bahri, Boy Riza Juanda


The purpose of this study was to determine the content of organic C, N, P, K, and C/N ratio sourced from several plant leaves. to find out some plant leaves that can be used as compost formulation materials according to SNI (19-7030-2004). The research was carried out by collecting leaf litter material from mango, jackfruit, guava, cempaka, rambutan, and cacao plants based on leaf indicators. Some of the leaf litter was obtained from plants around the Samudra University Campus and around the yard of the house; Material drying, leaf counting and analysis of organic C, N, P, K and C/N ratio materials at the Laboratory of Soil and Plant Sciences, Shia University. kuala. Of the 6 materials observed, the organic C content, Nitrogen content, Phosphorus content, Potassium content and C/N Ratio did not meet the national standard determined by SNI 19-7030-2004, except for Cempaka leaf litter only at the appropriate K content. with the determined SNI standard and of the 6 materials observed at the C/N Ratio levels, all materials require treatment so that the C/N Ratio levels can be in accordance with the determined SNI standards.

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