Analisa Kapasitas Parkir di Rumah Sakit Pertamedika Ummi Rosnati

Muhammad Syafei, Amalia Effendy, Meliyana Meliyana, Mery Silviana


Parking is an important component in the transportation
system. Problems that often occur due to parking include: too few
available spaces and parking facilities that are not managed properly.
Pertamedika Ummi Rosnati Hospital (RSPUR) is one of the Private
Hospitals in Banda Aceh. To support hospital services to be more
optimal, one of the facilities that must be provided is parking. The
current condition of the available parking space is inadequate, so that
at certain hours vehicles accumulate and cannot be accommodated
for parking in the Hospital Area, this will certainly cause discomfort for
visitors. The results of the research carried out show that the Parking
Index value for both Motorcycles and Cars is greater than 1, this value
indicates that it means that parking needs exceed the capacity /
number of stalls / number of parking lots.

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