Peranan Freight Forwarder Dalam Menunjang Kegiatan Ekspor

Idal Bahri, Yunida Pangastuti, Mahyuddin Mahyuddin, Dewi Astini, Cut Megawati


The purpose of this research is to gain a more detailed understanding of the role of freight forwarders in supporting export activities. This research was conducted by observing the research object and describing a situation that existed in the research object. The data used in this study are primary data obtained through observations of freight forwarders and secondary data obtained from book regulations or other reading sources that are relevant and relevant to the subject matter. Based on the results and discussion, it can be concluded that the procedures for handling export activities are carried out by exporters and are handed over to freight forwarders. The parties and agencies directly related are exporters, freight forwarder agents, customs, shipping companies, banks, surveyors, insurance companies, Pelindo, Disperindag, trucking companies, container depots, the agriculture department, and the health department. Documents that must be fulfilled by the procedure for shipping goods are packing list, invoice, shipping instruction, bill of lading, certificate of origin, notification of export of goods, beneficiary's certificate, insurance, and fumigation certificate. Suggestions that can be put forward in terms of the export activity process is to provide services to customers, the procedure should be used is a fast procedure so as to avoid delays in the delivery of goods

Key word: Freight Forwarder, Export, dan Import

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