Implementasi Pemerintah Gampong dalam Memperkuat Adat-Istiadat Terhadap Tata Kelola

Akhyar Akhyar, Wirdatul Jannah, Hasanah Hasanah, Tamarli Tamarli


The Gampong Government is an arm of the central government that has a strategic role in the regulation of community life in the village and the success of national development. Law in adat is a translation of rechtsgemeens chaps or by a little literature and calls it adatrechtgemeens chap. The purpose of this study is to find out the government's implementation of strengthening customs in gampong governance, steps taken by the government in strengthening customs, the supporting and inhibiting factors of the Krueng Tho Gampong government in an effort to strengthen its customs. This study uses a descriptive method type and survey. The results of the study show that the implementation in terms of enforcing laws based on customary law, the steps taken by the goverment is mingling with the community, starting from the leader to be a role model, wearing clothes for regional customs in many moments, making competitions with traditional nuances as an idea to develop and expand these activities. Moreover, the supporting factors in strengthening adat are: laws on customs, agreeing with many leaders, enthusiasm of the community, existence of traditional institutions, high attention from leaders. While the inhibiting factors are: young people are less responsive, different opinions about the history of customs, the perception of customary taboos in government.

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