Analisis Statistical Quality Control Bahan Olahan Karet (Bokar) Jenis Sir 20 Dengan Pendekatan Peta Kendali Variabel

Heri Wibowo, Emy Khikmawati, Maulina Sagala


PTPN VII is a company that manufactures SIR 20 rubber, which currently experiences quality problems that are produced sometimes the quality is low, sometimes high, even if it does not meet the quality standards that have been set. The purpose of this study was to determine quality control using the variable control chart approach. Statistical Quality Control (SQC) analysis was carried out using statistical tools such as check sheets, X and R control charts, and cause and effect diagrams. The results showed that for the PRI value of 9 data from 40 control chart data X (22.5%) and 4 data from 40 control chart data R (10%) did not meet quality standards. The process capability value of the PRI value is 0.35, which means the process capability is classified as low, so it needs to be improved performance. Based on the results of the evaluation carried out with a causal diagram, it can be identified the factors causing the quality deviation are raw materials, human, work environment, machinery and work methods.

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