An Analysis of Students’ Anxiety During Speaking Activities

Winda Prayudiana, Suryani Suryani, Ugahara Ugahara, Ema Dauyah, Ferlya Elyza


The purposes of this research are to analyze the causes and strategies of students’ anxiety during speaking activities. This research is a qualitative research design which utilize case study. The sample of this study was selected using purposive sampling. The participants were six students in the fourth semester who are majoring English language education of Abulyatama University. To collect the data, interview was used. The semi structured interview questions consist of 10 questions about the causes and strategies dealing with students’ anxiety. Then, the interview data was analyzed using Miles and Huberman theory (1994). The result of interview reveals that the general causes of students’ anxiety in speaking are a lack of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, self-confidence, and knowledge. The strategies the students used when they dealt with anxiety are collecting a lot of vocabulary, having self-confidence, having preparation before start speaking, having self-relaxation, and having knowledge.

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