The Use of Charades Game to Improve Students` Vocabulary Mastery

Pila Santri, Suryani Suryani, Ema Dauyah


This research is intended to find out the effectiveness of using charades game in improving theĀ  students` mastery of English vocabulary. The experimental research was used in this research. The subjects of this research were conducted at second grade of SMAN 1 Kreung Barona Jaya. There are two classes namely experimental class and control class. The experimental class ( XI-MIA 1) consisted of 31 students and the control class (XI-MIA 2) consisted of 30 students. The researcher used pre-test, post-test and also questionnaire to collect the data. The result of pre-test showed the mean score in experimental class is 61,94, while the mean score of control class is 59. After the treatment, the mean score of the post-test in experimental class is 71,14 and the mean score of control class is 67. It means that the mean score of vocabulary mastery test of experimental score is higher than the mean score of control class. So, it can be stated that the use of Charades game has a good effect on students` vocabulary mastery.

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