Analisis Spasial Kejadian Stunting di Kecamatan Tangse Kabupaten Pidie

Rosnidawati Rosnidawati, Isfanda Isfanda


Stunting is a term used to describe the condition of stunted growth in children due to chronic malnutrition, especially protein and nutrients that are essential for optimal growth. Children who are stunted usually have a shorter height than their peers. Stunting affects the child's physical, mental and economic development in adulthood. Prevention of stunting involves improving early childhood nutrition, parental education and access to adequate health services. This study aims to map and analyze the distribution of stunting incidence in Tangse sub-district, Pidie district. The results showed that the incidence of stunting in Tangse Sub-district was evenly distributed in almost all villages. In all 28 villages in Tangse, only 8 villages do not have stunting cases. The highest number of stunting incidents occurred in Gampong Pulo Baroh at 10%.

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