Keberadaan Penggunaan Bahasa Indonesia pada Generasi Milenial

Nanda Saputra, Nurul Aida


Bahasa as the official language of the country has been used as an oral and written communication tool in a variety of purposes, both formal and informal. Bahasa plays an important role in all aspects of life. The current situation is that the function of the Bahasa language has begun to be replaced or displaced by foreign languages and there is behavior that tends to slip into foreign terms, even though there is an equivalent in the Bahasa language, due to an attitude that believes that it will look modern, and educated and with a reason to facilitate communication in the millennial era. Symptoms of the language phenomenon above are examined using sociolinguistics qualitatively. Data collection using a questionnaire containing 35 foreign vocabularies, to be answered equivalents in Bahasa form by respondents. Respondents in this study were MAS Unggul Nurur Rasyad Al-Aziziyah Tijue students and Tarbiyah Al-Hilal Sigli High School students, who were sampled from the population using purposive and random sampling techniques. The data that has been collected is then analyzed using the matching method with a translational langue determination tool. The results obtained, MAS Unggul Nurur Rasyad Al-Aziziyah Tijue based on a questionnaire were all students mastering the equivalent in Bahasa from 9 vocabularies, then vocabulary only partially mastered by 3 students and for vocabularies that were not mastered by the Bahasa equivalent by all 23 students . While from 35 foreign language vocabularies, all students of Tarbiyah Al-Hilal Sigli High School semester VI of the Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education Study Program, did not know the equivalent in Bahasa from 16 vocabularies, then 6 vocabularies were mastered by only a small proportion of students and all students knew the equivalent in Bahasa 13 vocabulary words.

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