Analisa Perpindahan Panas Pada Tungku Rocket Tipe Silinder Berbahan Bakar Biomassa

Muhammad Faisal, Usman Usman


Combustion is the reaction of fuel with oxygen in the air to release heat. Combustion is a complex interaction of physical and chemical processes. A good fuel for combustion is a material rich in hydrogen and carbon, called hydrocarbons. To ensure the combustion process can run perfectly, the combustion is carried out in excess air conditions (excess air). To increase thermal efficiency in the use of solid biomass fuels, combustion through cylinder type rocket furnaces is very possible. This study aims to examine more deeply the level of heat transfer rate that might occur in a cylindrical type rocket furnace into the environment. From the combustion test results, the maximum combustion temperature in the combustion chamber is ± 807.6 oC and ± 652 oC on the flame. While the rate of heat transfer rate from inside the rocket furnace to the environment is ± 2036.18 watts in the combustion chamber and ± 1500.38 on the flames. The high level of heat transfer rate is influenced by the characteristics of the solid biomass of tamarind wood species which affects the high and low combustion temperatures.

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