Potensi Energi Terbarukan Limbah Cair Kelapa Sawit

Ichsan Syahputra, Muhammad Zardi, Muhammad Ridha


Energy is a very important issue in the world, increasing energy demand is inversely proportional to the amount of energy reserves. Palm oil is one of Indonesia's main agricultural commodities that has developed from the past until now. Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producers in the world. Like some regions in Sumatra, Aceh has oil palm plantations that cover the east and west sides of the Aceh region. The potential of Palm Oil Mill Effluent / POME to be used as raw material for biogas power plants is very capable in the Aceh region. The palm oil biogas power plant uses methane gas as fuel. Palm oil liquid waste left over from processing results from the Palm Oil Mill (PKS) is accommodated in a homogenization pond. From this pool, this waste undergoes a natural process of chemistry and control so that it can eventually be used to produce electricity. The use of POME to produce electricity is an effort to further encourage the use of new renewable energy to support the reliability of the electricity system in the Aceh region while utilizing PKS waste into something more useful and environmentally friendly. Palm liquid waste or POME can be used as a renewable energy source, where the waste in the PKS PTPN I Cot Girek in North Aceh Regency can produce energy ranging from 0.23 - 1.24 MWe and the emissions produced from each ton of TBS is 25.21 kg CO2 / ton.

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