Analisa Minat Mahasiswa Akuntansi Terhadap Mata Kuliah Data Prosesing Aplikasi pada Jurusan Akuntansi Politeknik Negeri Medan

Khairul Khairul, Jantianus Jantianus


This Learning success can be defined by the achievement of competency standards that also depends on the ability of faculty to deliver lessons to be able to create a situation that allows students to interact in the learning process. Low quality of education that can be interpreted is not exactly the learning process is implemented. The cause may come from the student as a low interest, low faculty performance and infrastructure were inadequate. This study was conducted using questionnaires and using proporsionate random sample with a number of 68 respondents (semester IV student of Accounting Studies Program Academic Year 2018/2019). The data analysis technique is the analysis of interest rate (Importance Performance Analysis) doped with SPSS. The problems discussed in this paper was to determine the interest of students to courses of data processing applications in programming applications related to Accounting at Accounting study program. After completion of this study carried out the conclusions derived from the expected to be used as the evaluation and improvement of the learning process at the time to come.

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