Membangun Budaya Literasi Informasi pada Perguruan Tinggi

Hasnadi Hasnadi


Indonesia's literacy culture is still low when compared to other countries in the world. The low level of Indonesian literacy is caused by various factors, including low motivation and interest in reading, there are still many Indonesian people who are illiterate, reading and writing habits have not started from home, lack of means of reading, lack of references in libraries, references in foreign languages, technological developments that more sophisticated, and lazy attitude to develop ideas. Higher education has a strategic role in building a culture of information literacy to students who will compete globally. The ability in information literacy includes the ability to identify problems, find and find information, synthesize information, create findings, find out information needed, communicate information to others, use information, take lessons from the process of finding information, make decisions and find solutions to a problem. Culture of information literacy at universities can be done by assigning to students, optimizing library functions, literacy-based learning processes, conducting literacy training, building awareness of the existence of the media, forming and developing literacy study centers, utilizing ICT, campus-friendly atmosphere of literacy, creating the condition of the social environment as a forum for good communication interaction between campus residents, building a comfortable and pleasant academic environment for literacy activities.

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