Implementasi Alokasi Dana Desa terhadap Pembangunan Desa Kecamatan Ingin Jaya Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Yuliana Yuliana, Edwar M. Nur, Sadwir Munandar


This study aims to determine the Implementation of Village Fund Allocation (ADD) in supporting Village Development in the Want Jaya Sub-District of Aceh Besar District (Case study of Siron Village in 2016). The object of this research is the Village Fund Allocation in Siron Village, District of Jaya Jaya, Aceh Besar District. This research is a descriptive study, where the data used are primary data, that is data derived from interviews with village and community officials. Secondary data is also used in this research, that is data from literature. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of the Village Fund allocation in Desa Siron Subdistrict wants jaya in development is very good in accordance with the stages that already apply.

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