Pengaruh Warung Kopi terhadap Perilaku Siswa

Indri Maulana, Akhyar Akhyar, Tamarli Tamarli


At this time the coffee shop, students busied themselves with a cellphone or gejet that was used to access the internet and play games. Often, these children play games through internet channels called online games. Even students do not hesitate to download or watch pornographic videos and smoking that can make moral loss and the future, Children can also enjoy the internet in an environment that is available internet facilities that are actually provided for adults. This study aims to determine the Effect of Coffee Shops on Student Behavior and to determine the impact of Coffee Shop Effects on Student Behavior on the learning process. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study. The data analysis technique is descriptive. The results of this study are the Effect of Coffee Shops on Student Behavior can be seen from the perpetrators of students who gathered in a coffee shop to access online games and pornographic content and smoking. The results showed that the impact of the coffee shop as a public space on deviant behavior for students towards the learning process was the habit of skipping to enjoy wifi facilities in the coffee shop with games and accessing pornographic content. Games will make students leave learning and pornographic content will have an effect of imitation (imitation) of the scenes that are absorbed from these images and lead to over-acting behavior, immoral behavior that is done prematurely and improperly.

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